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Still some quotes like ‘Kitne aadmi the’ transcend the cliches and live in our memories. (Btw, check this post) Other contenders: Chal Dhano!So I set out to compile the top 10 memorable/classic quotes from Hindi movies. This music director was going low before ‘Baazigar’.He gave seven hit chart buster songs in just one film!

Kuch mere kaise log bhi hote hain Jo unke Saath reh bhi nahi paate aur unhein chod bhi nahi paate...Everyone knows that Milkha Singh is a former indian male athlete. On small screen too, double meaning comedy shows have become fashion. Stills of scenes are released and it is said that they are leaked.Film producers will say: Look, This kind of scenes or entertainment is shown on tv too. Some one will argue that on internet everything is available.

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