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To visit my final tourist stop for the day, before taking some time to just stroll around the back streets of the city, I ventured a little further away to Wat Rajnadda's massive amulet market - amulets are sacred neclaces, often depicting a miniature Buddha.

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And does it belittle the inhabitants of these shacks, looking up to condos in the sky?

Tokyo to Bangkok took us seven hours, but it wasn't so bad when you put it up against the previous flight.

I finally arrived in Bangkok at pm on October 9th... (photo: Joining me in Bangkok were two co-workers, traveling seperately, who wound up on my flight when the fare was jointly discovered on Northwest's website.

The longest leg of this journey is from Minneapolis to Tokyo, clocking in at about 12 hours.

My advise: grab an aisle seat and spend your waking hours walking around.

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