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The dielectric strength is rated at 305 volts per mil.The Aluminum Nitride ESC is more expensive than the other types. The Polyimide can be applied over a metal plate to form a capacitor to the substrate. The breakdown voltage for the Polyimide coating is rated at 560 volts per mil.Johnsen-Rahbek The ceramic is doped to control its resistivity to a specific value.The doping causes the ceramic to exhibit the Johnsen-Rahbek effect.

These plates are generally much thicker than their anodized counterparts. The problem with ceramic ESC's is the large voltage necessary to clamp a substrate across the larger dielectric thickness.

The phasing of the voltage applied to the electrode permits "rapid clamping and release".

The supply and control circuitry required for this type of ESC is more complicated than the monopole, bipolar or Tripole configurations.

The substrate will be securely clamped to the dielectric when there is a return path for the ESC power supply.

The normal mode of operation for a monopole ESC is for the electrode to be connected to the negative pole of the power supply.

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