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Early additions include a chantry, dating from the 15th century; these additional chapels were relatively common at that time.

A devastating attack from abroad did occur in June 1514, in its entirety.

There were historical links between the Duke and both Rev. Nicholas Church itself: as a child in the 1780s, he studied for a time at an academy in Nile Street (in what is now The Lanes in the city centre) run by Rev. Michell, to worship; and his sons were taught by Rev. Nearly £5,000 more was subsequently raised from public subscriptions and donations.

The architect Richard Cromwell Carpenter, associated with the architectural aspects of the Cambridge Movement and Tractarianism, was chosen to rebuild St Nicholas Church, after authorisation was granted on 15 April 1853 for demolition and reconstruction.

The first peal of bells, ten in total, was presented to the church in 1777 by Thomas Rudhall, a member of one of the most prominent families in the city of Gloucester's 700-year bell-founding history.Later in the 18th century, as Brighton's population began to grow, a series of pews, radiating outwards from the font in the centre, were installed.In the second half of that century, when the town's popularity grew substantially in response to Dr. The ancient Southover Priory in Lewes was responsible for the church from the end of the 11th century until 1537, when the last prior surrendered it to the Crown.Furthermore, the administrative vestry of the church (the equivalent of the present-day Church of England Parochial Church Council) was ideologically opposed to the responsibility they faced in raising funds for maintaining the fabric of the church.There were frequent disagreements and clashes with the vicar, Rev.

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