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Also, on Brazil, sexism in game-related matters is almost non-existent, so we DMs have usually one less problem to deal with. 1) All-female and all-male groups are completely different beasts.When you DM to an all-male group, often the group takes the more common adventure, action-oriented group with some roleplay sprinkled here and there.Our group is aged in their 20s; I think (3 of us are over 35).We have mixed genders and mixed ethnicities (though most Australians).And the problem is that she's changed the whole vibe of our gaming group.We used to be a really cohesive team, and now almost every decision takes ages to make because the guys are defending all her stupid ideas and not acting from their characters' perspectives.All-female groups shows more cohesive, group-oriented behavior and they show a preference for more .

One such problem is that her character is a level 1, and we're all higher levels, so we're constantly trying to "save" her.

They don't necessarily seek for romance oriented games but they don't avoid it either - if it shows up on the board, they tend to embrace it more gracefully than they male counterparts.

2) Groups where only one player is from a different gender are most of the time indistinguishable from a one-gender only group when sexist behavior is absent.

While individually they may show interest in romance or drama-oriented games, as a group they tend to prefer the classical D&D experience.

Male players also tend to be more individualistic but not outright selfish.

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