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Effective Value It is important to recognize that with value coercion, a dependency property has both a “base” (or “desired”) value and an “effective” (or “coerced”) value.

The “base” value is always passed into the Coerce Value Callback and the value returned from that method becomes the new “effective” value.

In the case of the Minimum and Maximum example, if the “base” value of the Maximum property is less than the Minimum value, then the “effective” value of the Maximum property becomes equal to the Minimum value.

The coercion routine for the Maximum property looks something like this: Whenever the related Minimum property changes, the control explicitly coerces the Maximum property.The Affects Arrange flag will cause Invalidate Arrange() to be called on the target element when the property changes.The Affects Parent Measure and Affects Parent Arrange flags will cause Invalidate Measure() and Invalidate Arrange() to be called, respectively, on the target element’s parent.That’s because the Value property also needs to stay valid.More specifically, it must be kept between the Minimum and Maximum values.

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