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The main overarching theme is that everybody can get along and become friends if they try hard enough, despite considerable amounts of scientific and historical evidence to the contrary.However, the show has been highly praised for its saccharine episode plots and realistic situations, as can be seen in the Episodes section below.He wears a yellow cotton sweater and a pair of blue jeans, even in the Arthur's anti-Semitic pet dog that happens to hate D.

The individual episodes chronicle the many outrageous misadventures he and his other anthropomorphic friends embark on.

With some creative liberties and the finest South Korean animators its measly budget could buy, PBS transformed the dull and mild-mannered books into an action-packed show children and some creepy adults would crave more of from the very first episode. viewers tune in still to watch Arthur weekly on PBS, where it is one of their most highly-rated shows, although this really isn't saying much.

Arthur has been on the air almost as long as Sesame Street and The Simpsons, which is to say way too long. Lack of funding for the creative talent needed to replace the show is mostly to blame for its still being on the air almost 20 years later.

Family members and the wider community of Elwood City are often roped in as well whenever things get out of hand, which occurs frequently.

Arthur was originally based on a series of children's books which nobody remembers, except the aforementioned Rugrats writers.

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