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His balls were clean and smooth and his penis was fully erect!

He preceded to grab my cock and play with it for a few minutes.

Aroused too, I unzipped mine so that he could move closer. Now we were both lying next to one other completely naked! I could feel the heat of his body as he slid closer toward me. I could feel his cock rubbing against my naked thigh as he started to grind himself against my leg. The sweet smell of sex began to fill the room as the sweat began to drip on each of our bare chests.

5 guys crashing in the basement of a parents home one summer evening.

He encircled my head with his thumb and some pre-cum came out to make it slippery wet. So much so that I felt my balls tighten close against my crotch, and my cock head swelled to becoming rock hard!

He asked, "Have you ever tasted your own cum before? It felt so great....something warm and magical and all the time innocent!

The TV was now showing some busty broad taking a shower with a half naked man. I was speechless and nodded "Yes."We were rubbing our hard cocks against each others hairless and smooth thighs like two machines in a opposing rhythmic movements.

He unzipped his sleeping bag all the way and pulled off his shorts down past his ankles. Just then he moved in my sleeping bag which was now all the way open...zipper was completely unzipped on the sleeping bag. The soft silky feel of the sleeping bag innards mixed with now two sweaty and hard teen bodies and the danger of someone awakening made my balls shiver! Our arms embraced over our backs, I could feel the weight of his balls and cock drag against my thigh in an inferno of heat!

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