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Differences in sexual attitudes towards premarital coital sex and virginity, however, were more significantly influenced by culture and religion.

Due to intense family pressure, they try everything they can but eventually ...

Reasons for acceptance included: personal belief in “women’s rights, autonomy, and freedom” (72.2 %) and “physical harm and death” (63.5 %).

Male participants were more likely to approve premarital coital sex than females (61.0 vs. Muslims were also more likely to reject marrying a non-virgin than Christians (39.9 vs. Female participants expressed more tolerance towards marrying a non-virgin male partner (78.3 vs. Low acceptance of hymenoplasty among Lebanese university students was found to be related to moral ethics and personal convictions independently from gender and religious affiliation.

However, data regarding the acceptance of hymenoplasty in societies that consider sexuality a taboo are scarce.

In this cross-sectional study, we investigated the effects of gender and religion on sexual attitudes towards hymenoplasty, premarital sex, and virginity in a sample of 600 Lebanese university students.

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