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Samantha, who speaks in an American accent, is capable of imitating an orgasm when touched in the right way, It is covered in sensors that respond to human touch and can switch between 'family' and 'sexy' mode Dr Santos says he can now make Samantha's arousal dependent on how good of a person she's judged her partner to be, and if he's spent time talking with her.Samantha will be able to remember who she is, and how her partner has affected her, the engineer says.Dr Santos said that his bots will become more aroused by people who treat them respectfully.However, despite a new moral judgement code, the bots won't have the ability to be put off sex altogether, says Dr Santos.

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'We would very much like a company in North Wales to mass produce the head, including skull electronics.'The news comes just a month after Dr Santos claimed that Samantha will soon have a 'moral code' which could affect her sex drive.

Sensors cover the doll's hips, shoulders, vagina and mouth and have been used to create a 'functional' G-spot.

The doll is fitted with artificial intelligence and is even capable of 'emotional closeness', according to its inventor.

Rather than designing machines that can give birth themselves, Dr Santos says he can merge an android's personality with the characteristics and beliefs of its human partner.

Computer software would then be used to create a new AI brain for the child based on this information, as well as 3D printing schematics for its body.

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