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Iranian Federated Women's Club-A Bay Area educational and service organization involved in charitable endeavors.

International campaign for the defense of Women's Right in Iran (ICDWRI)-Deals with the situation of women in Iran. International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada-Group seeks end to the Ontario Arbitration Act 1991 which allows family disputes be resolved by religious arbitrators.

Many of these individuals are experiencing post-traumatic stress symptoms. The following symptoms are very common: When I share this information with my clients and teach this in educational classes, inevitably women say, “Why isn’t this being talked about more?

I really thought I was going crazy.” My response is that we are now just starting to see the powerful and long lasting effects of betrayal trauma.

APSATS–The Association for Partner’s of Sexual Addicts Trauma Specialists.

This group certifies therapists who specialize in treating betrayal trauma.

In my research, I have discovered that most women wait for months or years to get help.

Iranian American Women's Society (IAWS)-Established in 1991, IWSF is based in Palos Vedes, California.Women's Information & Statistics Center (Iran)-Provides information on all aspects of women's issues. Foundations & NGOs (Abroad) Association for Women's Rights (Sweden)-Aims at giving support to women and young people in their struggle to form their lives independently.Bita Daryabari Scholarship for Women in Economics Dr.In fact, many therapists were using the codependency model to treat these individuals.However, that wasn’t matching up with what I was experiencing in my clinic.

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