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It sounds like many of us have a mismatched libido from our partner—no matter who has the higher or lower libido, it’s a challenge.Several responses noted being satisfied with the amount of sex, but knowing that your partner isn’t, and thus you aren’t satisfied either. whether or not your sex life is as active as it “should” be, there’s an awful lot of room for wondering, or imagining what other people’s reality is. After all, it’s not really fun to spend time you could be having sex wondering if you’re having enough sex in the first place, right? ” Whether you’re wondering if other people your age have money in the bank, or if they’ve moved up the career ladder the same way you have, or if you’re running behind on having kids or…to the 1,800 or so of you that gave us your nitty-gritty details). A lot of you decided that you needed to write in a response, which is awesome to learn more about you… So I took a stab at bucketing the responses (which means that I read every single one), and I quickly picked up on some themes.

A common theme through the responses was simply saying, “I want more sex.” We’re happy with the quality of sex we’re having with our partners, but the frequency is lacking.

I’m so tired that I’m just going to go to sleep and hope that I dream about having sex with you.”) Similar to the demands of children, the demands of a career may also interfere with sexual desire. (2008) found that Chinese women who work full time reported less frequent sex.

However, other researchers have found that both men and women who work more also report having sex more frequently (Gager & Yabiku, 2010)—and some have found no relationship between work and the frequency of intercourse (Call et al., 1995).

Because the frequency of sex often depends on the desires of both partners, and because men report more frequent sexual urges than women, gay men do report having sex most frequently among types of couples, followed by heterosexual couples and then lesbian couples (Peplau, 2003).

We await future research to see if sexual frequency While this joke refers to married couples, cohabitating individuals may report engaging in more sex than married peers because they are more likely to cheat on their lovers (Yabiku & Gager, 2009).

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