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From the Van Steenberge Brewery in Belgium, this 10.5% ABV pours a heavy, dark reddish brown with a sweet aroma.

Well carbonated, there is a sweet, herbal mouth feel that finishes with a strong malty after taste. Belgian style Tripel from the Riverhorse Brewery in Lambertville. I like my New Jersey Breweries, Riverhorse, Flying Fish, Climax.

I guess what I am getting at, is it's pretty cool to see an Imperial Pumpkin Ale or an Imperial Double Bock, but have we "jumped the shark," so to speak? I enjoy all styles of beer, I appreciate the effort, skill and creativity of our hand crafted brewers in all that they do.

If the shark was jumped, I think for me, it was when I saw my precious summer time favorite session beer turned into an Imperial...... I'm probably just thinking out loud and my thoughts shouldn't have made it to the written page, but I was wondering, what do you think?

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will review the pubs and taverns that please or displease his palate. J's beer selections are without borders, as beer from the United States and all around the world will be placed under the brewing microscope. Lately, though I seem to be getting tired of a trend that I see forming in the craft beer camp. It's a word that is popping up in front of more styles of beer than I can count.

I even enjoy all the different Imperial beers that have been served my way.

Every day hundreds of singles searching for romance and friendship join our free dating online site.There are so many reasons why you should strongly consider using chat rooms for dating nice and pretty German women.First of all, they are easy to use, which means all you have to do is create an account online, filter your search for German women and start chatting with the ones that respond to your requests, or ask you to respond to theirs.Once it goes down, about three seconds later, the heat from the 10.5% hits you. Truth be told, I haven't had a Riverhorse in years. On a side note, if you try this brew, have some wasabi peas as a snack. Rumors were running rampant that with new ownership, Riverhorse had upped the ante a bit. Perfectly spiced, evenly malted, very warm in the finish, one could put a "Brewed in Belgium" label on it and never no the difference.

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