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It also exerts powerful anti-oxidant action which prevents the development of diabetic complications.Berberine from has been shown to have a significant beneficial effect on diabetes mellitus type-2, and may be as effective as metformin (500 mg /day).Berberine acts through several mechanisms, including insulin mimicking action, improving insulin action by activating AMPK, reducing insulin resistance through protein kinase C-dependent upregulation of insulin receptor expression inducing glycolysis, and on incretins by promoting GLP-1 secretion and modulating its release, by inhibiting DPP-4.Berberine from (Daruharidra) has been shown to antagonize the hyperglycaemic action of glucose and the gluconeogenic action of alanine in experimental subjects and on hepatocyte cell lines.Diabetes mellitus is a complex metabolic disorder resulting from either insulin insufficiency or insulin dysfunction.Type II diabetes is the more common form of diabetes constituting 90% of the diabetic population.We wish Aimil Pharmaceuticals all the success in their noble endeavor of serving the mankind by making the benefits of the marvelous research available to the fast increasing number of the patients all throughout the country.

The subject of human sufferings and diseases was intimately associated with sorcery, religion and myth.Vijaysar - Rich in flavonoids, strengthens the cells and help maintain normal blood glucose level. We are one of the fastest growing Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical company, which emerges as one of the first 100 Pharmaceutical Organizations (including all pharmaceutical giants & MNC's) in its field as per recent data statistic of ORG-IMS. Sharma with a vision to be a leading pharmaceutical company in India and to become a significant global player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment and desire to serve the people to live healthy and a happy life.AIMIL PHARMACEUTICALS (INDIA) LTD was incorporated on 30th November 1984 by our Founder & Chairman Sh. The company is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Ayurvedic proprietary and classical medicines.BGR-34, a Blood Glucose Regulator brings the revolution, with a breakthrough Phyto-research of decade, jointly developed by scientist of CSIR-NBRI & CSIR-CIMAP. It is an optimized concentration of synergistically acting herbal extracts makes it highly efficacious in Type-2 Diabetes mellitus. Additional Information Daruharidra - Improves health & functioning of pancreas, naturally. BGR-34 is a novel, natural DPP-4 inhibitor and unlike other modern DPP-4 inhibitors, it regulates blood glucose level and also exerts cardio-protective action.Vijaysar - Rich in flavonoids, strengthens the cells and help maintain normal blood glucose level. BGR-34 modulates insulin release & strengthens β-cell functional capacity.

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